Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Why we recycle

We all know that the creation of and disposal of more and more plastic is unsustainable and certainly undesirable

With our planet in danger, further release of toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases in the production of plastic, and the creation of untold tonnes of litter and landfill waste should no longer be an option

However, sadly, one feels the main reason that the mass manufacture of plastic products will decline is due to price: For decades one of the great appeals of plastics has been their low price. Yet in recent years the cost of plastics has been rising dramatically. A major cause is the sharply rising cost of petroleum, the raw material that is chemically altered to form commercial plastics.

In any case, we believe we have the solution: creating products from recycled plastic that are superior in design, durability and price to newly created plastic products and we are committed to doing our bit to ensure that recycled plastic products are more desirable and more affordable