Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The difference between Hebden ecopaving grids and others on the market

Although the Hebden 402 ecopaving grids are probably the lowest priced on the British market at the moment, cheaper doesn't always mean better, so we though it wise to point out one of the main reasons why we think ours are the best.

The main advantage the Hebden 402 grids (and the Hebden 401 series before them) have over many in the market is the way they clip together. Traditionally, many grids clip together underneath, which is fine, as long as nothing ever goes wrong and you never need access to anything under the grids, nor do you need to replace individual tiles.

If it does, however, you can have an extremely complicated and costly operation on your hands, as you will see in the video comparing Hebden 401 with Zypave/GRB/DGR* grids below using a real case study of what happened in a 6000m2 car park...

*Different names for the same product.